Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Modern AI-powered algorithms can process huge amounts of data and discover trends and patterns that would be impossible to detect with a naked eye. Used properly, those insights could prove invaluable in practically every phase of business operations, decrease the need for manual work, and unlock new marketing opportunities. Increasingly, businesses are learning to rely on AI-assisted decisions in order to outpace the market and stay a step ahead of the competition. This innovation wave is just getting started, and it’s still not too late to be an early adopter!

At the core of AI solutions of the modern-day are the powerful machine-learning algorithms capable of gradually improving their effectiveness as they are exposed to a large number of training examples. In practice, this means the same basic algorithm can easily be specialized for a particular task with adequate training. Another implication is that AI models are perfectly suited for the contemporary business environment, where companies are forced to collect and analyze large amounts of field data in order to fulfill their key objectives. With AI solutions, big data becomes an asset rather than a hindrance and provides organizations with a great starting point to launch ambitious campaigns.

With Technitos, even medium-sized organizations without a dedicated technology department can benefit from AI models. We understand the fundamental principles behind the algorithm and its architecture, but we also have a lot of experience translating technological capacities into tangible business advantages. Our skillful team can provide end-to-end assistance, helping clients to choose the most optimal software product and customize it for the tasks it will be expected to handle

Artificial Intelligence Solutions and Offerings

Robotic Process Automation

Creating unique apps for the automation of simple and repetitive business tasks-Technitos’ greatest strengths

Natural language processing

Building smart solutions capable of interpreting numerous variations of human speech without mistakes

Visual search & image recognition

Tools for instant recognition of shapes and outlines that can greatly simplify tasks that involve a lot of visual material

Text to speech

Our team produces tailored text to speech recognition solutions, which increases suitability for the companies.

Knowledge virtualization

Access to large digital databases with industry-specific expertise may just be the most valuable resource in today’s marketplace

Machine /Deep learning

The results of AI-powered research require interpretation, and we have the right combination of high-tech savvy and business know-how for this task

Automatic Speech Recognition

For many companies that deal with voluminous audiovisual media content, our custom solutions could make a big difference

AI Powered Chatbots

Deploying chatbot solutions with AI capacity may be the perfect answer for customer support challenges

Predictive & User Behavior Analytics

Understanding patterns of user behavior empowers our clients to foresee which decisions stand the best chance of yielding success