Cloud computing – Let us help you find and customize the perfect cloud solution for your business

The liberating effect of the cloud has changed the way modern technologies are designed. Small businesses can take advantage of tremendous resources by deploying cloud tools for a wide variety of core functions. This is easier to do when you can count on professional advice, which Technitos is well equipped to provide as a consulting partner of Google Cloud and AWS. With our guidance, you will be able to boost your level of technological readiness without investing in costly hardware.

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) has transformed the landscape of business software tools, triggering a corresponding strategic shift that makes the greatest difference for companies too small to afford some of the earlier solutions based on local servers. SOA nearly eliminated the infrastructure costs from the equitation, offering a far more flexible and user-friendly revenue model for software vendors instead. In turn, this empowers businesses to fast-track their agendas and execute more aggressive strategies with incomparably less risk by adopting leaner internal organization model that is far less demanding in terms of investment as well as maintenance.

Of course, all of this is old news. The next wave of SOA integration is already here, and demands coordinated deployment of many different cloud-based apps, databases, and virtual resources on a multitude of different platforms. It also requires up-and-coming businesses to establish ongoing relationships with technology providers like Technitos in order to ensure a smooth transition and the most optimal exploitation of innovative assets in the cloud. Thanks to our experience in this area, we can offer unique end-to-end support and help companies derive a lot of value from cloud applications within the first few months after implementation.

Advantages of our cloud solutions

Elegant integrations that enhance automation possibilities

Fast-track digital strategy implementation

Reduce risk as well as the infrastructure cost

Cloud computing services provided by Technitos:

Cloud consultation

Drawing a detailed roadmap is necessary before the implementation stage may progress beyond the planning stage

Migration services

Moving your data, apps, and processes to online servers is a sensitive step that greatly impacts business continuity and data security.

Implementation services

Professional implementation ensures that all the essential cloud tools are properly set up and customized for the intended tasks

Cloud management

Ongoing management of the cloud brings additional flexibility, improves data discovery, and decreases the level of systemic risk

Cloud infrastructure

Assistance with choosing the right type of equipment and building the most elegant architecture for a variety of cloud-based solutions

Bespoke support

On-demand assistance on any issues related to cloud-based SaaS solutions and active monitoring of mission-critical apps in real time