Our knowledge about technology and software can be translated into services tailored to the needs of our clients and delivered in the most cost-effective manner. Depending on the client’s wishes, we can have a hands-on or hands-off approach and contribute just as much as we are asked to. In a way, we are always prepared to be a plug-and-play addition to the client’s own capacity, and are quick to adapt to whatever arrangement we might encounter on the ground.


Here are some of our areas of expertise that could prove useful to clients of various profiles:


We are available to provide professional guidance on a wide range of topics, steering the product development in the most logical direction and solving some of the long-standing challenges that were limiting progress in the past.

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Product Engineering

To design products that truly serve the corporate vision and exceed expectations of the end-users, it’s necessary to blend together expertise with business savvy. We do that by controlling all stages of the engineering project, from pre-design lifecycle estimations to post-launch follow up.


Thanks to its experience in the industry and impeccable internal procedures, Technitos can be very effective in the role of the DevOps partner, contributing to improved quality and profitability while taking care of the most challenging aspects of the project.


Bespoke Application Development

When you need a software application to be built from scratch, we are the right technology partner to give you the broad-ranging support.  Our result-oriented processes typically result in a unique mix of functionality, security, and simplicity of use.

Application Testing

Before we allow any software product to go public, we undertake extensive testing to identify any risks or potential problems. Fixing those issues ensures top performance and a higher level of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Technitos -Software-Testing-Methodology

Content Management

Many organizations handle large quantities of content on a daily basis, and our automated content management solutions can save them a lot of time and effort, facilitate easier content discovery and stimulate sharing by the users.


To ensure that your project runs exactly according to the roadmap drawn in advance, our team follows a number of parameters and reevaluates its strategy after every important milestone is reached, reporting progress in a standardized format.