Internet of things – The next step towards the ultra-connected world

Integrated networks of devices allow companies to have complete control over their physical environment and track their assets in real-time. IoT networks have unprecedented potential for data exchange, help protect valuable equipment, and make a positive security impact. With a broad field of applications in numerous industries, this technology looks poised for a period of rapid growth. It’s not too early to start working towards its adoption, especially if you can take hints from a trustworthy technology partner.

The basic concept behind this technological paradigm is simple – inanimate objects equipped with smart sensors can relay information back to the network, where this data can be stored or processed. In this way, objects can ‘communicate’ with each other and be ‘visible’ to human observers in the data plane. Practical implications are nearly unlimited, justifying the catchy name and all the hype that’s recently surrounded IoT in the media. Just like the World Wide Web changed office work forever a few decades ago, the Internet of Things is doing the same for some of the more materially oriented facets of business organization. It could be argued that IoT is the next step on the path towards a fully connected world, and that will soon become a standard feature of nearly every new technology.

The only problem is that many organizations still don’t fully understand the potential benefits of IoT and lack the technological prowess to design and implement effective solutions of this type. Here is where Technitos can provide critical assistance, since our teams have a lot of experience in this area and are prepared to work alongside clients to identify the most suitable areas of business operations for IoT deployment. Under the guidance of an experienced provider, IoT networks can be more cost-effective, more resistant to human error, and more focused on the client’s primary business objectives. Our involvement also reduces any security risks, and guarantees that the network can be updated or expanded at any time.

The major advantages of IoT, that will influence every business are –

Connections & Data Exchange

IoT links data to individuals and systems, and nearly all companies have a range of assets it could track.

Control& Monitor

In a linked world, a business will be able to see a device’s state. In several circumstances, a business or user will be competent to control a device distantly.

Reduced Costs

With novel sensor information, the Internet of Things can aid a business save money by reducing equipment breakdown and letting the business to carry out the scheduled maintenance.

The IoT Landscape

IoT has already unlocked huge potential in nearly every domain. Some potential applications for IoT technologies include:

Consumer and residential

Health and healthcare


Public safety

Industrial and manufacturing

The environment

Our IoT offerings

At Technitos, we enable businesses to gain efficiency, harness intelligence from a wide range of equipment, improve operations and increase customer satisfaction. We efficiently implement IoT protocols and services that are highly available, scalable with flexible interoperability.

Consulting and strategy

Our industry expertise, IoT experience and design insights help sketch a result-oriented IoT roadmap.

IoT Security Consulting

Considering the diversity of IoT, we evaluate, identify and enable secure infrastructure for IoT applications.

IoT Solution Development

We work diverse systems, standards and protocols to deliver a highly customized solution reflecting the essence of your business.

Implementation & Support

We ensure seamless implementation and dedicated support for hassle-free operations.

Data Analytics

We deploy IoT analytics solution that enables transformative business opportunities.

IoT Maintenance

We implement component-driven software that is more secure and robust, thus simplifying maintenance in runtime.