Technitos Methodologies

At the core of every great software solution, there is a clear and logical method that ensures objectiveness, reliability and full understanding of surface-level operations. In fact, at Technitos methodology is far more than just formal procedure – it is a set of values and principles that guide our work and allow us to accomplish as much as possible with the available resources. We compose our teams based on the key skills of each member to ensure that we cover all the bases and have cross-functional expertise on the ready.

In terms of execution, we often rely on iterative incremental project management to track progress and adjust to the situation on the ground. This approach allows us to control our App Lifecycle processes better than most of our competitors, to be more responsive to customer feedback, and to keep risks on a manageable level.

Iterative Incremental Project Management

Agile development methods for faster, better, and more affordable solutions!

Modern users have high standards and demand solutions that can match their needs, which leaves providers like Technitos no choice but to adapt. We discovered that Agile development principles allow us to derive the maximum value out of our human and material resources, and we internalized their major tenets through practical applications. The key feature of this model is the frequent interaction between the delivery team and the client, who approves every Delivery Part separately. While that may increase the need for continuous communication, it also eliminates any possibility of a misunderstanding that would result in costly backtracking and delays. Our team is very resourceful and skilled at proposing sound technical ideas, while the client’s participation ensures that business objectives will be built into the very heart of the software solution.

Agile Scrum approach

Scrum – a creative approach to building unique software products

To unlock even greater potentials for creative application development, we adopted an unorthodox and innovative method of work organization. Scrum is a procedure that allows developers to pursue various directions but also ensures they stay within the same framework. Some of the most important advantages afforded by Scrum include a shortening of learning cycles, more flexible planning, as well as improved opportunities for idea sharing and discussion of potential upgrades. However, the most apparent difference comes on the side of our own team – developers working on Scrum-based projects demonstrate far more enthusiasm and creativity, and often come up with unusual but very effective proposals. Managing such a dynamic environment can be a challenge, but we at Technitos have a lot of experience with this method and know how to harness its unique potentials without jeopardizing timelines and budgets.