Product Engineering Services

In addition to various specialist services, Technitos is well qualified to develop new software products and assist clients to shorten their time to market. This is becoming increasingly important as the end-users expect updated legacy products and new-generation software without having to wait, or they might be tempted to switch to a competing vendor. In the race to launch bug-free and well-tested apps and service packages, it makes sense to use our well-rounded expertise and clearly defined delivery procedures to accelerate the engineering process.

There is a range of things we can do to assist our partners with product engineering. Here is a quick overview:

Fast-tracking product development

As a professional software engineering provider, Technitos can contribute in unique ways to the product development process and ensure that functionality doesn’t come at the expense of development time. We are very experienced in translating business ideas into elegantly designed software products that serve a variety of purposes, are very intuitive to use and feature beautiful graphic interfaces. Our involvement practically guarantees a faster time-to-market without causing too much of a burden on the budget. In other words, we can produce additional value for clients and shareholders while making the end-users happy!

From a prototype to a finished solution

Our team will oversee the complete development process, starting with idea evaluation and identification of potential opportunities to solve central issues. From here, we proceed with the creation of the prototype, trying to balance the simplicity of use with keeping the costs at a low level while providing robust answers to the anticipated challenges. Once we find the right combination and the client approves our concept, the prototype can be finalized and the team can start thinking about the roadmap to product launch.

User in the center of the process

The only way for a software product to meet expectations is to design it with the user’s convenience and satisfaction in mind. This approach is at the core of Technitos methodology, which emphasizes flexibility and constant communication with the client. Due to our UX expertise, our clients can count on continued loyalty, decreasing the need for customer support measures and opening up opportunities for economic growth. In the final analysis, we believe that our philosophy has a positive impact on the brand image of our clients.

Testing & Quality Assurance

At Technitos, we have rigorous QA procedures and advanced tools that help us identify any potential issues with the code before the product is released. Timely discovery of bugs and errors reduces the overall cost of development, eliminates safety risks and ensures high performance of the final product.

Re-engineering service

It’s possible to extend the lifecycle of once-successful products by re-engineering them to conform to modern standards. We can perform this type of service with confidence and bring the product to a commercially viable level quickly and at a minimal cost. In addition to rebuilding its user interface and implementing new features, we can also remove deficiencies and fix structural weaknesses.

Support & Maintenance

To provide our clients with complete peace of mind, we remain available for ongoing support and maintenance activities for as long as they need us. With proper updates and maintenance, the software packages you are using can stay effective longer while you can also take advantage of recent innovations by adding new elements to your information system.